Squaring Machine - Chamfering Machine SOLTEK model MSB - DRY series 10 + 1 1° Modulo 150 - 1200 mm 2° Module 150 - 1200 mm

Squaring Machine - Chamfering Machine SOLTEK model MSB - DRY series 10 + 1 1° Modulo 150 - 1200 mm 2° Module 150 - 1200 mm

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Squaring Machine – Chamfering machine SOLTEK model MSB – DRY series 10 + 1 1° Modulo 150 – 1200 mm
2° Module 150 – 1200 mm
The machines are used to perform the squaring of square or rectangular tiles, also being able to perform chamfering on the four upper edges.
The group consists of two modular elements connected to each other with a walker and can normally be arranged in line or, in special cases, with a referral instead of the right-angle walker according to customer needs.

The main machines that make up the two modules are:
Base structure made of a single profile of heavy carpentry electro-welded with sturdy ribs and reinforcement crossbars to ensure maximum stability and vibration absorption during the work phase, the upper part of the base is suitably worked to support the support guides of the spindle beams, all sandblasted with zincante treatment, epoxy primers and special antioxidant paints .


Spindle beams, opposed, made of sturdy electro-welded steel profiles, equipped with self-lubricated high quality bronze alloy bushings, slide on guides, in tempered steel and chromed in thickness, with double protection;
Beam opening/closing control mechanism for adjusting the format consisting of Dx and L screws with relative bronze lead screws protected by bellows and stainless steel casing; The movement is driven by a worm gear motor equipped with an encoder for automatic movement and reading of the tile format.

Towing motorized tile power supply guaranteed by one / two double output gearmotors; high efficiency asynchronous motors connected in closed loop each with its own inverter. The special toothed and overlapping belts, with wear-resistant coating and perfectly calibrated, slide on tempered and ground steel surfaces that can be easily replaced to ensure optimal working conditions of the machine and durability. In addition, the straps slide inside guides, suitably positioned, to ensure a perfectly linear sliding direction. The upper beam, which transmits the pressure of the relative belt on the surface of the tiles, consists of pads mounted close to each other and joined by a single tempered steel sheet to allow uniform pressure throughout the processing cycle even to tiles with different thicknesses.

Spindles for lateral calibration composed of a sturdy cast iron support with shaft and bearings housed directly in the chromed steerer; the movement of each spindle group is guaranteed by a micrometric screw with its graduated handwheel. The tool rotation speed for calibration can be electronically controlled via inverter and managed via the control panel. The visualization of the absorption of the spindles takes place by means of digital displays that show the absolute value and the value relative to the processing only.

Spindles for chamfering at 45 ° with floating mechanical adjustment, with pneumatic approach movement, which allows to obtain a uniformity of the degree of bevel regardless of any differences in tile thickness.

Automatic centering device of the tile, with respect to the axis of the machine, which due to its characteristic does not require any type of adjustment to vary the tile format.

Dust suction. The squaring machine is equipped with casing and ducts for suction of dust generated by grinding.

Electrical panel. The electrical panel of the squaring machine is made up of components with an extended temperature range for heavy duty in industrial environments and is equipped with an air conditioner. The control of the machine is guaranteed by the latest generation PLC with the possibility of connection to the company ethernet network for data exchange and remote assistance
Preparation of the general electrical panel of the machine for connection via the network with the SOLTEK service Our technicians will be able to carry out an analysis of any errors generated, carry out an evaluation of the correctness of the parameters entered in the programs. The customer must prepare a
ADSL connection


Description Module 1 Module 2 Total
Format Min. 150 max. 1200 Min. 150 max. 1200

Number of spindles
10 R. + 10L.
10 R. + 10L.
Motor power kW per unit 5.5 kW 5.5 kW 220 kW
Number of Biselli 1Dx+1L. 1Dx+1L. 4
Motor power kW per unit 1.5 kW 1.5 kW 6 kW
Belt gearmotor 1 2 3
Motor power kW 7.5 kW 2 X 3 kW 13.5 kW

Material conveyor belt speed mt/min 10 – 30
Baby walker installed power 0,5 kW x 2 + 1 kW 3 kW
Total installed power 244 kW



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